dormakaba - Reviso Apartment Access Management in the Cloud
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dormakaba - Reviso Apartment Access Management in the Cloud


How resivo opens the door to a world of benefits

resivo by dormakaba is a future-oriented, cloud-based access management system. It offers property administrators, building owners and tenants significant advantages compared to conventional mechanical locking systems. No more worrying about lost or stolen keys. Flat handovers are easier and more convenient for the tenant. The system saves time thanks to simple access permission processes for delivery personnel, service providers and contractors. Tenants decide for themselves who should have access to their flat and when – even from afar. resivo unlocks a whole new dimension of building utilisation packed with advantages.


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Tenant change

Flat handovers has never been this easy and quick. Keys can be handed over digitally in just a few steps with the resivo home and resivo utility app. Using the resivo home app, tenants can manage digital keys for their rented rooms themselves and assign access permissions quickly and easily. That includes limited-time permissions, for example for cleaning staff, care or delivery services, or for neighbours. The tenant would prefer not to use an app? No problem – thanks to access cards and key fobs, resivo also functions without the dormakaba resivo home app.

Changing tenants has never been this easy. The digital key handovers simplifies administration and makes the handover process much easier. Missing keys are no longer an annoyance.

No new keys, no replacing locks, no additional costs. After hand-off, the tenants take control of their own access permissions, which relieves the workload for building management.

Lost keys
Should an access medium like a smartphone, access card or key ring ever get lost, the tenant can quickly and easily revoke the access permission for the digital or physical key in the dormakaba resivo home app and then delete the key. If a tenant loses their smartphone, they can download the dormakaba resivo home app again on a new smartphone. After logging into their account, the digital flat key is restored.

The consequences of losing an access medium, whether a smartphone, access card or key ring, are much less serious than losing a conventional key. In most cases, a replacement can be arranged very quickly.

Access cards or key rings can be blocked immediately in the resivo home app. And the annoying additional costs of having to replace a locking cylinder or possibly a complete locking system are no longer a concern.

Parking space rental
dormakaba resivo offers a wide range of further options and benefits – for example easy management and rental of parking spaces via the REM Admin Portal. From a central point, you can easily organise access to parking spaces and assign temporary or permanent access permissions. Obviously, this kind of efficient and intelligent parking space management also bears potential for increased earnings.

Letting parking spaces can be so easy. The available parking space can be displayed online. As soon as the parties come to an agreement, the space can be released immediately, and the access permissions can be assigned to the renter and revoked at the end of the rental period. Moreover, intelligent parking space management can help to generate significantly higher earnings.

Access for facility management
When maintenance work or other services are pending, you as the property manager can conveniently control access to rentals, vacant flats or entire properties. You can also limit the time period for access online and digitally.

Contracting work, caretaking services and deliveries often happen at different times, and usually require the availability and presence of the building supervisor. With resivo by dormakaba, you conveniently manage access permissions from the comfort of your office. Whenever you choose, for whomever you choose and for as long as you choose. If the flat is let, you can easily and conveniently obtain consent from the tenant by sending a request via the app.

Simple, safe, convenient: physical key handovers to service providers are no longer necessary. That means less effort, lots of time saved and increased security. Access permissions for different properties in different locations can all be managed and assigned conveniently from your office.

Rental of additional rooms
Tenants these days have high demands regarding the properties they let. These include the option of using additional rooms, perhaps for giving a party, working on a hobby or just for storage purposes. With resivo, you as the property manager enjoy the convenience of not having to be present on-site to unlock countless doors and then lock them again. From now on, you can do it all easily and in less time from your office.

Remote access permissions
Your tenants are on a well-deserved holiday or on a business trip. This often makes it difficult to be on-site in time to provide access to a flat in case of unexpected events. The long-awaited furniture is finally arriving. A neighbour thinks she can hear water running in another flat. Or the neighbour who had promised to feed your cat while you are away has fallen ill – and you have to organise a new cat-sitter from afar. What used to be inconceivable is now a snap. With resivo, tenants can grant access permissions whenever they choose, for as long as they choose and to whomever they choose from wherever they happen to be.

Emergency access to a flat is no longer a problem, even in the tenant’s absence. Thanks to a digital, limited-time key, access can be provided any time, even from any corner of the world.

Watering plants, accepting valuable deliveries, feeding pets or anything else. The process is easy and secure, for the recipient as well, and the permission is only valid on their smartphone.