Hotel Door Locking
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Hotel Door Locking

Hotel Door Locking

Dormakaka Electronic Hotel Locks

dormakaba offers a complete selection of guest room locking and access management solutions for limited service properties, as well as deluxe destination resorts. As security requirements for the hotel industry evolve, dormakaba continues to deliver innovative access control systems that provide security, reliability, efficiency and convenience to enhance the hotel’s lock system investment and the guest experience.  

dormakaba leads the industry in developing and implementing total-enterprise security for guest room doors, common areas, and physical access in RFID, wireless online systems, smart room and energy management interfaces and now — secure mobile access solutions. 

All dormakaba electronic hotel locks are designed, assembled and tested in North America. Every lock is BMHA/ANSI Grade 1 certified and is ROHS (Restrictions of Hazardous Substances) and CE/ EMC compliant. 

Mobile Access Solutions 
All our RFID locks are Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capable and can operate using the dormakaba Mobile Access Solutions, allowing guests to use their mobile devices as their room key. 

Schlage Electronic Hotel Locks

Designed specifically for the hospitality industry, the Schlage eGO Smart Hotel Lock makes guest access simple. Combined with Schlage Breeze Hotel, the Schlage eGO Smart Hotel Lock is a complete, electronic, guest and staff access system.


  • Access by app – Schlage eGO can be operate with the Schlage Breeze Hotel app. This allows guest functions like virtual check-in, and staff functions like lock audit trails, or remote access for guest lock-outs, for example.
  • Access by card – Users open the door by simply holding the card up to the reader. This technology eliminates friction and contact, resulting in less wear and tear.
  • Mechanical override – Schlage eGO is fitted with a concealed cylinder for key access in an emergency. This ensures non-invasive access to the room, guaranteeing maximum protection for hotel guests and preventing damage to the door or lock.
  • Battery-powered – Schlage eGO is powered by standard, off-the-shelf batteries which guarantee long life and ensure the lock remains fully functional even in the event of a power failure.
  • Do not disturb – Schlage eGO has a privacy function by a turn on the internal plate. This feature provides an led indication of the room status and privacy for guests from cleaning or floor staff without manager level access.



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