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Smart Modular Power Supplies - Professional Grade

FERN360 Smart Modular Power Supply Series - a networked monitored solution that brings real-time data and intelligence to access control, fire, intrusion, CCTV and other connected components. Integrators and end-users know exactly how critical systems are performing, with analytics that capture a snapshot of the health and status of power at a single location or enterprise, significantly increasing uptime.

Designed to be intelligent, modular, and efficient, with an on-board microprocessor watching and controlling the power supply. Innovative features such as a USB connection for programming, adjustable battery charging profiles, and fault counters, were the cutting edge in access control power supplies. A grid mounting pattern in the enclosures, with three standard PC board sizes allowed mix-and-match combinations of power supplies and output boards, with a modular listing making it all possible.

Access Control power system technology, allowing network monitoring of the power system and the battery sets, while managed output boards provide unparalleled visibility right down to individual outputs. Our innovative backplate system allows the installer to combine system and lock power with the access control panels all within the same enclosure.