PSGA120 - 120'' Fixed Frame Projection Screen. Aspect ratio 16:9. 2.65m x 1.5m (WxH).

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Brateck 120'' Fixed Frame Projection Screen. Aspect ratio 16:9. 2.65m x 1.5m (WxH).


The Fixed Frame Projection Screen PSGA120 is perfect for education, commercial presentations or residential home cinema. This aluminium frame border is covered with 3.5’’ width velvet for an elegant look. The adjustable fix plates offer equal tension over the entire projection surface. Sliding wall mounts provide adjustable horizontal centring. White soft Projection Screen Fabric with 1.1 gain and 140°viewing angle is more resilient. The projection area of this 120’’ screen is 2.65x1.49m.



  • Velvet Covered Aluminum Frame enhances the overall appearance and absorbs projector overshoot
  • Sliding wall mounts provide adjustable horizontal centring
  • Fix Plate Tabbed Backing allows for high tension uniformity which results in a flawless taut projection surface
  • Black-Backed Screen Material: eliminates light penetration for superior colour reproduction
  • White Soft Projection Screen Fabric: is more resilient


Product Category: Fix Frame Projection Screen Rank: Premium Screen Material: PS White Soft Fabric Optional Screen Material: Acoustic Fabric Maintenance: Cleanable Viewing Size(WxH): 2.65x1.49m Top Border(B1): 8 cm (3.1" ) Bottom Border(B2): 8 cm (3.1" ) Side Border(B3): 8 cm (3.1" ) Diagonal: 120" Ratio: 16:9 Viewing Angle: 140° Gain: 1.1 Case Dimensions: 348 cm Installation: Wall Mounted
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