LKV565 - Lenkeng HDMI 2.0 Compact Extender Over Cat6/6a/7, Supports up to 4K, Zero Latency, One Way IR


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  • Zero-latency transmission.
  • Extend 4K@60Hz HDMI signal up to 70m over Cat6/6A/7 cable.
  • The receiver supports 3.5mm stereo output.
  • Support HDR10.
  • Support EDID passthrough and auto downscaling.
  • The transmitter supports HDMI loop out.
  • Support IR passthrough.
  • Lightning protection, surge protection, ESD protection.

LENKENG HDMI 2.0 Compact Extender Over Cat6/6e. Supports up to 4K @60Hz Zero Latency. One Way IR. HDMI Signal up to 70m, EDID Passback. L/R Audio Output on RX. *Includes Transmitter & Receiver

This is an HDMI point-to-point extender kit, it can realize zero-latency transmission. The 4K@60Hz HDMI signal can be extended by 70m through CAT6/6A/7 network cable. It supports HDMI loop out, IR passthrough, 3.5mm audio output, etc.

This kit is a reliable, ultra-high-definition video transmission solution, which is widely used in security monitoring, home theater, broadcasting, training and other fields.


Specification Transmitter Receiver
Video Signal
Input 1x HDMI Type A, Female N/A
Output 1x HDMI Type A, Female 1x HDMI Type A, Female
HDMI Cable 3~5m 3-5m
Max Transmission Rate 18Gbps
Max Transmission Bandwidth 600MHz
EDID Passback Support
Compatibility HMDI2.0Deep color/4K/HDR/YUV4:4:4
Resolution 4096x2160@24/25Hz3840x2160@24/25/30/50/60Hz1080i@50/60Hz1080p@50/60Hz720p@50/60Hz480i@60Hz480p@60Hz576i@50Hz576p@50Hz
Network 1x RJ-45, Female 1x RJ-45, Female
Distance CAT6/6A/7≤70m
Audio Signal
Input 1x HDMI Type A, Female N/A
Output 1x HDMI Type A, Female 1x HDMI Type A, Female
1x 3.5mm jack, Female
Formats LPCM/DTS-HD/DTS-Audio/Dolby Digital 5.1CH/Dolby Atmos
Control Signal
IR Interface 1x 3.5mm IR OUT, Female 1x 3.5mm IR IN, Female
Range 5m
Frequency 20~60KHz
Power Supply
Interface 1xDC 5V_2.1 jack, without thread
Voltage DC5V/2A 
Working Power 4W 
Operating Environment
Operating Temperature -2060
Storage Temperature -3070
Humidity 090%(No Condensation)
Physical Properties
Material Iron
Weight 140g 140g
Colour Black
Size 80.0(L) x 75.5(W) x 16.5(H) mm
Static Protection ESD Protection
1a Contact discharge 2 Level±4KV
1b Air discharge 3 Level
Lighting protection, Surge protection
Certification FCC/CE/RoHS
Rack-mounted Support




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