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LS-GR12 - LSDi 12ft. Telescoping Grabbit

Labor Saving Devices SKU: LS-GR12

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Grabbitâ„¢ - Fiberglass Telescoping Poles

If you can touch the wire with the pole, you can GRABBIT!

The Grabbit series of telescoping poles are constructed of non-conductive, lightweight, shockproof, friction locking telescoping fiberglass. The tool is indispensable for running (pushing or pulling) wires or cables through limited access areas and false ceilings. /n The Grabbit is designed for both residential and commercial installations. The tool includes our patented Z-tip wire “grabber” tip. The inner V of the Z-Tip has a double knife edge designed to literally grab the wire insulation without cutting the actual metal wire, while the outer V (without knife edge) is designed to push a wire loop. Both the GR12 and GR18 now include a new handy snap-on light accessory included for seeing in dim lighting. Just snap on the LED light in dark applications, and snap it off when not in use. Replacement GRABBIT clip-on lights are available separately.

Product Notes Lightweight construction make the Grabbit pole easier to use than other poles. Includes a clip-on LED tip light and new improved protective end-collars on each section.

Product Hi-Lite

Great for both commercial and residential attics and crawl spaces.

The GR12 is made of three sections, and when collapsed is just under 55" and weighs less than 3lbs. When extended, the GR12 will reach to 12ft.


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