PLATINUM TOOLS LANSeeker Cable Tester & Tone Generator. Identify

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PLATINUM TOOLS LANSeeker Cable Tester & Tone Generator. Identify shorts, opens, miswires, reversed and split pairs. Auto on/off by detecting connected cable. Self stored remote unit.

The LanSeeker™ is a fast, rugged cable tester and tone generator in one unit. It displays cable test results using LED indicators on the main and remote unit. An easy-to-use professional grade tool, the LanSeeker is a must have for residential and commercial cable installers. When the unit senses a connection between the main and remote unit, the battery-saving auto-on feature initiates test results within 2 seconds. The tester automatically powers off within 5 seconds of the cable being disconnected. LanSeeker tests for shorts, opens, mis-wires, reversals, and split pairs and can display connection and fault information on a pair-by-pair basis. It also generates audio tones for use with tone tracers on all pairs.

  • Displays cable test results on main and remote units in less than 2 seconds
  • Immediately detects shorts by just plugging in one end of a cable to the tester
  • Identifies shorts, opens, mis-wires, reversed and split pairs
  • No on/off switch, automatically starts test when a connection is sensed between main and remote unit
  • Debug mode diagnoses and displays faults one pair at a time
  • Tone generator mode for use with tone tracers
  • Self-stored remote
  • Made in the USA
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