Power-Plex2000 - dormakaba Standalone Push Button Lock with key override

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Based on the PowerStar Technology, which has been used and manufactured for over 10 years, the PowerPlex Series utilizes new capacitor technology to store power longer and more efficiently. There is no handle pumping required to wake up the lock and the built-in super capacitors will hold a full charge for up to 10 weeks with no activity at the lock. The lock is perfect for small to mid-sized facilities, rarely visited remote locations, retail "Employees Only" areas and military facilities, just to name a few.

Access Control: Electronic pushbutton lock eliminates problems and costs associated with issuing, controlling, and collecting keys and cards. Provides exterior access by PIN code, while allowing free egress.

PowerPlex 2000 locks are self-powered electronic locks that do not require batteries or other power sources. The lock generates its own power with every turn of the lever, making it the most efficient and versatile electronic lockset available with virtually no maintenance costs.

No Wires: Requires no wiring to or through the door — eliminates risk of damage from pinched wires that can result in costly callbacks.

Locking Device Options:

Cylindrical: Cylindrical latch with 3-hour UL/ULC fire rating
Exit Device: Compatible with most leading brands of Exit Devices; See list under “Exit Device Compatibility” (Exit Device and Mounting Hardware not included)
American Standard Mortise: With 1 ¼" (32 mm) face plate; with and without dead bolt, auto dead bolt also available
Number of Codes: Multiple Users — 100 Codes

Audit Trail: The most recent 1,000 lock events are recorded in memory, including use of the mechanical key override. Software is required to view audit events.

Programming: Locks are programmed via keypad or with optional Microsoft® Excel®-based software — simplifies management of doors and users as facility’s number of users and access points grow.

Handing: Non-handed; pre-assembled for left-hand door installations — easily changed in the field.

Key Override (Optional):

Optional Key-in-Lever cylinder in Schlage “C” Keyway with black cap
Small format — Best and equivalent (6 or 7-pin length)
Operation Modes:

PIN access
Passage — can be toggled on/off Lockout
Authority Levels:
Five different levels allow who has access to specific lock functions, including:

Master Level — performs all set-up and programming functions
Manager Level — administers common programming functions
Access User Level — entry granted with valid PIN
Service Level — codes for single event or single day access, programmable in advance
Maintenance Level — no access is granted, information can be uploaded/downloaded to/from the lock

User Parameters:
Code length — Adjustable to accept 4 to 8 digits
Anti-tamper lockout — Adjustable from 3 to 9 invalid attempts with an adjustable period of 0 to 90 seconds
Relock time — Adjustable from 2 to 20 seconds

Lock Power:
Self Powering — dormakaba’s patented PowerStar™ technology supplies power for all electronic lock functions including programming users at the keypad without ever having to change batteries. Once the first digit of a valid code is entered to “wake up” the lock, the remainder of the code can be entered and access is granted. A full charge of the built-in super capacitors will last up to 10 weeks with no activity at the lock.

Heavy-duty commercial Grade 1 lockset, solid cast exterior housing, solid cast levers, cylindrical drive wear tested for extensive use in indoor and outdoor applications

Numeric Keypad: Vandal resistant, solid metal pushbuttons

Non-handed, pre-assembled for left-hand door installation — easily changed in the field

Cylindrical: 2 ¾" (70 mm) backset, 2 ⅜" (60 mm) backset
Mortise: 2 ¾" (70 mm) backset
Exit Trim Model: Varies by exit device

Cylindrical Models: ½" (13 mm) throw latch, ¾" (19 mm) throw latch (optional)
Mortise Models: ¾" (19 mm) latch, 1" (25 mm) dead bolt (optional)

Cylindrical Models: Packaged standard with both ANSI A115.3 “T” Strike and A115.2 ASA Strike

Minimum Stile Required: 5" (127 mm)


Key Override Options

Key-in-Lever Cylinder: 1539 6-pin cylinder — Schlage “C” Keyway

Interchangeable Core: Small format — Best and equivalent (6 or 7-pin length); cylinder not included


Ease of Installation: No wiring to or through the door — no risk of pinched wires


Door Preparation:
Cylindrical and Exit Trim — ASA 161 (Easily installs on door preparation with three additional through bore holes (wood or metal doors)
Mortise — ASA 86 door preparation with three additional through bore holes

Door Thickness:
Cylindrical Model: 1 ⅜" (35 mm) to 2 ½" (64 mm); pre-assembled to accommodate doors 1 ⅝" (41 mm) to 2" (50 mm)

Exit Trim and Mortise Models:
1 ¾" (44 mm) to 2 ¼" (57 mm). Pre-assembled to accommodate doors 1 ¾" (44 mm) to 2 ⅛" (54 mm).

Certification and Testing

Accessibility Standard: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Durability: ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 Certified (A156.25, A156.2, A156.13, A156.3)
Fire Rating: UL 10C Fire rated
Environmental: Indoor/Outdoor Approved; -31 °F (-35 °C) to + 151 °F (66 °C)



Warranty: Three-year warranty from date of installation; built-in warranty counter in lock memory

Available Finishes
Standard Finish: Satin Chrome 26D (626) housings and levers

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