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PROLINK4K2 - Promate 4K HDMI Cable. 24K Gold Plated. High-Speed - 1.5, 3, 5 or 10m

Promate SKU: PROLINK4K2-150

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  • 150cm, 300cm, 500cm or 10M Cable
  • High-Speed HDMI
  • 3D Support
  • HD Resolution
  • Gold Plated Connectors
  • Mesh Braided

4K HDMI right angle Cable. 24K Gold plated. High-Speed Ethernet. 3D support. Mesh Braided cable. Long bend lifespan. Max Res: 4K@60Hz (4096X2160) Colour black.

Tight spaces are always a problem when connecting your HDMI cable. proLink4K1-300 saves time and effort in your cable setup! This 90° HDMI cable gives you the flexibility you need without risking bending your HDMI cables excessively, which may damage the cable or even worse the ports on your expensive equipment. The bend on the cable will help ease the strain at the point of connection to eliminate damage to the HDMI ports on your television and other devices.


Full 4K Support For Ultra-High Picture Quality
This HDMI cable offers full 4K compatibility, so you can connect a 4K-compatible device to your corresponding display and watch your media and games come to life.

Mesh-Braided HDMI Cable

A heavy-duty mesh-armored braided design cable with premium metallic which makes it easily survive for everyday usage and it gives more stylish and elegant appearance. It is flexible and can easily twist so that it will take less space.

24K Gold Plated Connectors

24K Gold-plated terminals effectively resist corrosion or oxidation to prevent poor connections, cleaner transmission, improve endurability and deliver optimal signal transfer with lower distortion at the point of contact. Simple plug-and-play connectivity.

Universal HDMI Cable

The Universal HDMI Cable has been designed to allow for easy connection of your computer and other high-end electronic devices. It transfers data at high speed so there will not be any form of stutter in the picture or sound. The signal for both video and audio is of high clarity so you will enjoy high definition movies with true surround sound.

Backwards Compatible

Devices with different HDMI standards can be connected, thus the cable automatically finds the best possible connection. The HDMI cable can be used with all HDMI devices. When you connect two devices with different HDMI standards, they will automatically find the best available connection.



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