RK815DTB200A - Risco - iWISE Bus DT Detector Anti-Cloak, Green Line,15m, Grade 2

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  • Risco BUS technology, system testing and diagnostic capabilities both locally and remotely
  • Single 4 core cable to wire an entire alarm system
  • Dual Microwave and PIR technologies
  • 15m or 25m models
  • Anti-Cloak Technology (ACT)
  • Green Linefor disabling the MW during disarm
  • Built-in Triple EOL resistors, jumper selectable
  • Opto relays for defeating large magnets


The iWISE Bus models are designed for installation as addressable detectors on the RISCO Bus for saving time and money. Each iWISE Bus detector includes an additional zone input for convenient connection of a contact or any relay detector, saving on wiring back to the panel.


  • iWISE Bus dramatically reduces cabling, installation equipment and labor costs, while providing benefits of remote services
  • Extra relay detectors can be assigned to any zone number in the panel and terminated as NC, NO, EOL, DEOL, etc.
  • Same performance as comparable iWISE DT and iWISE QUAD Grade 3 & Grade 2 models
  • Model names:
  • RK815DTBG3 iWISE Bus DT AM Grade 3, 15m 
  • RK825DTBG3 iWISE Bus DT AM Grade 3, 25m
  • RK800Q0B iWISE Bus QUAD AM, Grade 3
  • RK800Q0B2 iWISE Bus QUAD Grade 2
  • RK815DTB2 iWISE Bus DT Grade 2, 15m
  • RK825DTB2 iWISE Bus DT Grade 2, 25m 
  • Lenses
  • iWISE DT AM G3
  • RL115CV 12m Curtain
  • RL15V 15m Corridor
  • RL17V23m Corridor
  • iWISE DT G2
  • RL115C 12m Curtain
  • RL15 15m Corridor
  • RL17 23m Corridor

Technical Specifications

  • For DT models:
  • PD6662, EN50131: Grade 3
  • RISCO Bus: Special iWISE Bus models
  • Microwave: X-band
  • PIR Sensor: Dual element
  • Anti-Cloak Technology
  • Green Line
  • Intelligent Digital Signal Processing
  • Digital detector and true temperature compensation
  • Built-in EOL resistors
  • Coverage and lenses supplied: Wide angle 15m, 25m (50ƒ??, 83ƒ??)
  • Optional Lenses: Corridor lens: 15m (50ƒ??) or 23m (75ƒ??) Curtain lens: 12m (40ƒ??)
  • Mounting Height: 2.1m-2.7m (7-9ƒ??)
  • Optional Accessories: Wall swivel with back tamper, wall/ corner swivel, ceiling swivel
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