RP432EWV400A - Risco Lightsys+ Wireless Video Module

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The Wireless Video Module supports up to 32 RISCO wireless devices and enables the transmission of images from RISCO Camera Detectors. The module is installed as a Bus device, and can be placed flexibly to maximize RF performance. The Wireless Video Module can be mounted in its own, or inside the Control Panel’s plastic enclosure.

For optimal image transfer, the module can be installed on the fast bus. Up to 8 Camera Detectors can be allocated to a single Wireless Video Module. On ProSYS Plus, up to 16 Wireless Video Modules can be installed and up to 8 modules on each Bus line. The Wireless Video Module is compatible with ProSYS Plus, as of Firmware version 1.4.

Additional features
• Signal jamming detection
• Back and front tamper protection
Technical Specifications
Parameter Description Main Panel Connection RS-485 Operating Voltage 13V +/- 10% Current Consumption Typical: 40 mA; max 65 mA Power Output Security: 10 mW (max) Video: 100mW (max) Frequency Security: 868.65 Mhz Video: 869.525 Mhz RF Immunity According to EN50130-4 Operating temperature -10°C to 55°C Storage temperature -20°C to 60°C Size 125 x 78 x 25 mm Standard EN50131-3, Grade 3 Environmental Class II, PD 6662:2017

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