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30W/Channel (RGB+White) Constant Voltage Dimming LED Driver - RLED30CV4

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> The RLED30-CV4 is a wireless 4 channel, 30w/channel (RGB+White) constant voltage dimming LED driver, suitable for ceiling or cupboard mounting



Model No: RLED30CV4

Dimensions 172x46x40mm
Input Supply 12 or 24v DC
Weight 142g
Battery Life UL V0 ABS
Climate Range Temperature +2C to +40C Humidity +5% to 95% non condensin
Connections 2 way screw terminals for 12-24v d.c. supply. 6 way screw terminals for load
Protection Reverse polarity input protection.
Output current limit protection.
Load Types 4 channel constant voltage LED fittings and tapelight.
Minimum Load 1w
Maximum Load 500VA refer to Rako when dimming GU10 style LEDs
12v DC 4 channel @120w
24v DC 3 channel @180w
24v DC 4 channel @240w
Terminal Sizes 4mm2
Standards Emissions - EN61000-6-3 : 2001
Immunity - EN61000-6-1 : 2001
Communication Rakom coded fm radio, 433.9MHz
Memory Flash memory (non volatile)

Designed for use with 3 or 4 channel constant voltage LED fittings and 3 or 4 channel LED tape light with common +ve and individual -ve connections. Maximum wattage of 120w when used as 4 channel or 90w with 3 channel for 12V d.c. fittings or 240w (60w per channel) for 24V d.c. Fittings. Requires a suitable external d.c. power supply (normally the power supply that would be supplied with the fitting for a non-dimming application).

Controlled from any Rako Rakom device, e.g. RCM wall plates or Bridge interface units.


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Manufacturer Rako