The new LightSYS+ is RISCO’s flagship hybrid alarm panel, combines the features and benefits of both LightSYS and ProSYS Plus into one high-powered hybrid security system.

It is designed to protect any size or type of installation - from residential and small to medium businesses to commercial and high security installations, enabling up to 512 zones in one single panel!

LightSYS+ Solution

The Most Powerful Hybrid Security Panel

LightSYS+ is compatible with all of RISCO's solutions, products and accessories, providing you with a World of possibilities for every type and size of installation.

Focus on a single panel for all your installations and increase your profitability by offering a Grade 3 solution at a highly competitive price.

The LightSYS+ panel can accommodate up to 512 zones in any combination, in either Grade 2 or Grade 3

LightSYS+ New Mechanical Design

New Mechanical Design

A protective structure covers the PCB and other components, making it more robust and easier to install the system

LightSYS+ Integrated IP Module

Built-In IP and Wi-Fi Modules

An integrated IP module reliable and continuos communication, and integrated Wi-Fi module allows wire-free inastallation.

New C-Type

New USB Type-C Input

With a fast USB TYPE- C input, any laptop can be connected with a standard cable allowing quick and simple system setup and update.

New! Wireless Video Verification

LightSYS+ is now compatible with Wireless Visual Verification, powered by indoor and outdoor integrated camera detectors providing home and business owners with complete security and peace of mind, knowing what the right response is and to take an immediate action.

The Power of Remote Services

By connecting to RISCO Cloud and Configuration Software, you can offer your customers professional services remotely and eliminate the need for site visits. The CS allows you to remotely configure and manage your RISCO systems, perform automated batch operations on selected groups of panels, and more.

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RisControl- Smart Touchscreen Keypad

The new RisControl touchscreen keypad allows users to manage their security and home management system comfortably from one interface. With its intuitive smartphone look & feel icons, with only a few taps on the screen users can get a quick status of the system, arm and disarm and view live video and recordings from their VUpoint IP cameras.

Professional Detectors for All Your Applications

RISCO Group presents our wide range of professional Grade 3 and Grade 2 indoor detectors which exceed industry standards. Our Grade3 range, which is designed for the commercial and industrial markets, utilizes RISCO Group’s unique detection technologies, offering increased reliability and false alarm immunity in even the most challenging environments and unceasingly providing the superior quality synonymous with the RISCO brand.

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A Wide Array of Wireless Accessories

RISCO's wide array of sleek wireless accessories offer quick and easy installation. Our full range of accessories for security, safety and perimeter protection are based on unique technologies that offer ultimate reliability, for both indoor and outdoor use.

VUpoint Video Solution

VUpoint Video Solution, a superior plug & play recording system, combined with unrivalled alarm verification capabilities, provides a unique video offering of complete NVR and IP cameras solution. Installing video & alarm. RISCO's integrated solution is your best choice.