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Alarm Kits - LightSYS+ (Plus)


The new LightSYS+ is RISCO’s flagship hybrid alarm panel, combining the features and benefits of both LightSYS 2 and ProSYS Plus into one high-powered security system. It is designed to protect any size or type of Grade 2 or Grade 3 installation - enabling up to 512 zones in one single panel!

  • Flexible enough to cover complex locations with hundreds of zones.
  • Smart enough to distinguish real events from false alarms.
  • Powerful enough to integrate with multiple equipment types.
  • One panel – infinite solutions.

Up to 512 zones for any type and size of installation The new LightSYS+ allows you maximum flexibility and fits any type or size of installation. LightSYS+ is agile. It adapts to site needs and can grow seamlessly up to an amazing 512 zones in any combination
from one panel if required. LightSYS+ builds on the best of LightSYS and ProSYS Plus. It empowers you to meet customer requirements in anything from Grade 2 residential to large Grade 3 commercial projects featuring high security, at a highly competitive price.

Maximize Operational Efficiency. With the new LightSYS+ you can manage your business faster and smarter by using a single security system that allows you to perform all types and sizes of installation. A single solution means staff work smart. Focus brings expertise. Engineers excel with one versatile system, carry a single set of spares and, a single manual, and there is just one source of responsive support - RISCO. Simplified staff training improves your bottom line.

New! Integrated Alarm and Access Control. Integrated alarm and access control providing an easy to install flexible solution for up to 32 doors and 500 users, the perfect solution for controlling small and medium commercial installations.

New! Wireless Visual Verification Real time event verification, delivered by indoor and a revolutionary outdoor cam era detector, provides a series of high resolution, full colour images, and a short clip. These are sent directly to the end-user’s smartphone App or to monitoring stations, allowing them to verify the nature of the alarm and act accordingly.

VUpoint Video Solution. VUpoint Video Solution, a superior plug & play recording system, combined with unrivalled alarm verification capabilities, provides a unique video offering of complete NVR and IP cameras solution. Installing video & alarm. RISCO's integrated solution is your best choice.

Remote Services Save Time & Money Using RISCO Cloud and configuration software you can give premium service remotely and reduce site visits. The software empowers you to configure systems and perform automated batch operations and preventative maintenance.

Built-In IP Module & Wi-Fi Module. IP and Wi-Fi as integrated features (not add-ons) means the panel has optimum flexibility. Installers can work with Ethernet using the IP module on complex projects that involve video alerts, access control and smart automation. In these instances, communication between units must be fast and continuous. When the IP option provides stability, customers can benefit from RISCO Cloud security infrastructure. The Wi-Fi module offers a convenient solution for fast and wire-free installations.

RisControl- Smart Touchscreen Keypad. The new RisControl touchscreen keypad allows users to manage their security and home management system comfortably from one interface. With its intuitive smartphone look & feel icons, with only a few taps on the screen users can get a quick status of the system, arm and disarm and view live video and recordings from their VUpoint IP cameras.

Access Control

LightSYS+ Integrated Alarm and Access Control

The RISCO RS485 proximity door opener reader is designed to meet the highest industry standards for the physical access control and is compatible with the LightSYS+ integrated alarm and access control solution. The reader features a classic black cover suitable for all decors and a rugged polycarbonate enclosure and molten epoxy which provides a sturdy, vandal resistant product for both indoor and outdoor installations.

The new LightSYS+ integrated alarm and access control solution is an easy to install, cost-effective access control solution providing the security and access monitoring needs of small medium business and eliminate the complexity of combining a standalone solution with the alarm.