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Trojan Request to Exit

Trojan Developments designs and manufactures a range of  electronic security devices to operate in conjunction with Access Control Systems. 

Founded in 1987, Trojan Developments has been involved in the electronic security industry for over 35 years and identified a need to provide the security industry with more professional looking, reliable and easy to operate egress solutions.

In New Zealand and Australia our exit units have become the industry standard for egress devices.

Trojan also manufacture a range of Relay, Fuse and Timer Boards which are of a unique design to make the installation of Access Control Systems a lot simpler and quicker than using conventional PCBs.

Trojan's strong practical grounding in mechanical and design engineering combined with more than two decades in the security industry has enabled us to consider practical implications up front and produce a range of must have, visually sophisticated products that are functional, practical, reliable and quick & easy to install.