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LightSYS+ IP Upgrade Kits

LightSYS+ Hybrid Kits


The new LightSYS+ is RISCO’s flagship hybrid alarm panel, combining the features and benefits of both LightSYS 2 and ProSYS Plus into one high-powered security system. It is designed to protect any size or type of Grade 2 or Grade 3 installation - enabling up to 512 zones in one single panel!

  • Flexible enough to cover complex locations with hundreds of zones.
  • Smart enough to distinguish real events from false alarms.
  • Powerful enough to integrate with multiple equipment types.
  • One panel – infinite solutions.


  • New! Integrated Alarm and Access Control.
  • New! Wireless Visual Verification Real time event verification,
  • VUpoint Video Solution.
  • Remote Services
  • Built-In IP Module & Wi-Fi Module.
  • RisControl- Smart Touchscreen Keypad

Up to 512 zones for any type and size of installation The new LightSYS+ allows you maximum flexibility and fits any type or size of installation. LightSYS+ is agile. It adapts to site needs and can grow seamlessly up to an amazing 512 zones in any combination
from one panel if required. LightSYS+ builds on the best of LightSYS and ProSYS Plus. It empowers you to meet customer requirements in anything from Grade 2 residential to large Grade 3 commercial projects featuring high security, at a highly competitive price.