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Modular Control Distribution Boards

Power controller modules provide 4 or 8 relay controlled, protected outputs and 4 or 8 access control inputs. When used in a single voltage system, each individual output may be programmed for a continuous output or to respond to the input from the access control system. A fire alarm interface to over ride the access control system for control of egress locks is provided for each output. When used in a dual voltage system, each individual output zone may be programmed to operate with either of the two system voltages.

Smart power distribution modules that provide eight (8) control INPUTS capable of voltage or dry contact activation and eight (8) controlled and monitored OUTPUTS, with each output network programmable for fail-safe, fail-secure, fire alarm over ride, and AC loss over ride for egress lock control. Each output is also programmable to either of two voltages available when used in a dual voltage FlexPower system.

Each output may also be individually turned ON or turned OFF through a browser interface and the voltage and current of each output may be monitored via network or internet, and trigger points may be set up on each output to generate an alert when that output is outside of selected parameters.