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Electric Mortice

The FSH FEL990 Series Electric Mortice Lock is a true multi-functional locking device. It has been developed for simplicity - simplicity for the stockist, the installer and the end-user. Only two options are available – either monitored or non-monitored.

The FEL990 Series locks can be easily site configured as follows:

  •  single-sided locking (Vestibule) / double-sided locking (Combination) 
  • power to lock (fail safe) / power to open (fail secure) 
  • left hand / right-hand operation

FEL990M also includes comprehensive monitoring:

  • Door position monitoring by reed switch 
  • Lock status monitoring by a combination of 3 locking parameters, locking bar (Hub/Handle/s locked), deadlatching bolt (depressed), latchbolt (out) 
  • Dual key override monitoring (KOM) 
  • Request to exit (REX) via hub/handle(s) 
  • LED indication


Lockwood 3570 Series Electric Mortice Lock
Designed and manufactured in Australia, the 3570 series electric mortice is a high performance lock of superior quality. It is constructed from high grade zinc alloy, with a stainless steel latch bolt and face plate and is suited for all commercial applications.

The lock can be operated by push buttons, intercom systems and key switches; or integrated with electronic access control systems for use with higher security devices such as keypads or card readers.

Key Features

Designed with flexibility in mind, the one lock can cover all functions and is easily configured on site for the required application. Available in non monitored and monitored versions.


$529.00 NZD | $790.00 NZD


$589.00 NZD | $838.50 NZD


$40.88 NZD | $52.00 NZD


$40.00 NZD | $57.50 NZD


$33.67 NZD | $48.50 NZD


$685.00 NZD | $815.00 NZD


$61.50 NZD


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$357.72 NZD | $1,460.00 NZD


$95.78 NZD | $120.00 NZD