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U-Prox - Optex Compatible

The Optex OPT-BXS-RAM is a boundary outdoor passive infrared (PIR) detector manufactured by Optex. It's designed to detect motion in outdoor spaces, typically used to secure the perimeter of properties. What makes it stand out is its active infrared (IR) anti-masking feature, which helps prevent tampering or blocking of the sensor's view. This is particularly useful in outdoor environments where the detector might be subject to intentional interference or attempts to disable it. Overall, it's a reliable option for outdoor security applications.

The OPT-HX-40RAM is a product manufactured by Optex, a company known for its high-quality security solutions. This particular device is a High Mount Outdoor PIR (Passive Infrared) / Combination Detector, designed for outdoor use. It operates on battery power, providing flexibility in installation without the need for wiring. The "40" in the model number typically refers to its detection range, which in this case might be up to 40 meters.

This device is likely used for detecting motion and triggering alarms in outdoor environments, such as yards, driveways, or commercial premises. The combination of passive infrared technology with other detection methods enhances its reliability in detecting intrusions while minimizing false alarms.

If you're considering purchasing or installing this device, it's a good idea to review its specifications and compatibility with your existing security system to ensure it meets your requirements. Additionally, checking for user reviews and installation guidelines can provide valuable insights into its performance and ease of use.