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Optex Co., Ltd. has been providing No.1 global niche products and services to the world with our sensing technology which has been refined since its establishment and its capabilities developed to solve challenges in site-specific environments or purpose of use.

Today, as data obtained from sensors have become an indispensable factor in industry, awareness of its value has been increasing continuously. Sensors and the internet can be easily connected now due to the development and diffusion of ICT, IoT and Cloud computing, we are focusing on a solution proposal-based business model using sensor data, in addition to providing existing products as before. Furthermore, we will accelerate our growth strategy, not by ourselves but by forming alliances or through technological collaboration with other companies. Specifically, we will make every effort to realize solutions with our partners, establishing and carrying out various solutions together, implementing management efficiency, control, analysis of each situation, improvement of services, etc., while connecting technology and business models, and finding out essential needs and identifying 'what is necessary' for solving challenges, 'What does sensing technology offer?', etc.

We also expand our focus beyond products and services and move forward with data linkage in core systems and digital marketing as well with a promotion of DX (digital transformation) in both management and business.

Now, we start our new stage. OPTEX is committed to contributing to global growth and business development as a group which endeavors to create a better future through its efforts to bring about a safe, secure and comfortable society.

OPTEX CO., LTD. President / CEO


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