Unlocking Security: The Power of FERN360 Cloud-Based Key Management Solutions

Unlocking Security: The Power of FERN360 Cloud-Based Key Management Solutions

Awlnz.co.nz Staff

Enhancing Security with FERN360

In the digital age, safeguarding sensitive information is paramount for businesses. FERN360 offers cutting-edge cloud-based key management solutions that revolutionize security protocols.


  • Big, bright 7″ Android touchscreen, easier-to-use interface
  • Automatic door closing
  • Robust, long-life key fobs with security seals
  • Keys or keysets are individually locked in place
  • Illuminated key slot
  • PIN, Card, Finger vein, Face ID to access designated keys
  • Keys are available 24/7 to authorised staff only
  • Standalone Edition and Network Edition
  • Keys audit and reporting capacity via screen/USB port/Web
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Emergency Release System
  • Multi-system networking



Pairing seamlessly with cloud-based, user-friendly software, our systems ensure you never lose sight of key management. Easy installation, management, and usage are guaranteed, with a plethora of features designed to streamline key management tasks.

Experience the pinnacle of key management convenience with FERN360's intelligent key management cabinets. Revolutionising traditional methods, FERN360 ensures heightened security and ease of use through smart chips and intelligent management technology. Only authorised personnel can access keys, with usage meticulously recorded and customisable management options available. From smart industry applications like factories and pharmaceutical companies to smart office environments including shops and real estate agencies, FERN360's user-friendly cabinets offer seamless integration and unparalleled security for unattended scenarios.

Our innovative KeySlot Strip and row-based KeySlot Strip ensure seamless operation while maintaining robust security. Crafted from durable PVC, our smart anti-theft integrated KeyTag offers maintenance-free reliability. The cabinet body, designed with industrial-grade durable zinc alloy hinges, is patent-protected for maximum security. Experience next-level biometric security with authentication methods including vein pattern recognition, facial recognition, card swiping, and password access.

Applications Examples

  • Airports
  • Building Management
  • Campus
  • Car Dealership
  • Casino & Gaming
  • Corrections
  • Factories
  • Fleet Management
  • Hotel
  • Pharmacies
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Shops
  • and More



User Interface

Experience simplicity at its finest with our software solution. Designed for easy navigation by both managers and employees, we serve as the bridge for seamless communication, consolidating all essential data onto a unified platform. From key and asset assignments to permission approvals and report reviews, we've transformed management processes for heightened efficiency and collaboration.

Key Management Software

Features: Software Roles

There are 3 roles by default and customised roles with varying levels of authorisation in the web software. These range from simple report readers to super admin. The roles have a granular determination of rights, which not only allows access to certain functions, but also the determination of the degree to which the function can be used in detail.

In the smart key management system, two-way authorisation is very important. It can greatly save the administrator’s time and improve efficiency, especially when the scale of the project expands, whether it is an increase in the number of users or an expansion of key capacity.

Two-way authorisation allows administrators to observe and set “who is authorised to access which keys” from two different perspectives of users and keys.

The software allows you to set curfews on any key, and you can choose between two types of curfews: range of hours and length of time.

The administrator will receive an alert email when the key is not used in accordance with regulations or when there is an abnormality in the system.

In the software you can see the instant status of any of your keys in real time, whether they are being used, and who holds them. If employees accidentally forget access credentials or abnormally require spontaneous authorisation, the electronic key cabinet system can be operated in real time through remote release.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security method that requires users to provide at least two authentication factors to prove their identity and gain access to a facility.

For certain keys or key sets that are highly-sensitive, compliance regulations may require signatures from two or three individuals, one each from three separate departments.