Introducing the U-Prox Wireless Alarm Solution

Introducing the U-Prox Wireless Alarm Solution Staff

Enhance Your Security with U-Prox Wireless Alarm Solution

Are you looking for a reliable and convenient security solution for your home or business? Look no further than the cutting-edge U-Prox Wireless Alarm Solution. This state-of-the-art system offers advanced features to keep your property safe and secure.

U-Prox wireless security alarms leverage leading-edge technology, providing your customers with state-of-the-art security solutions. These advanced systems offer unparalleled features and functionality, such as remote monitoring, smartphone integration, and intelligent sensors. By incorporating such cutting-edge technology into your offerings, your business distinguishes itself as an industry leader, attracting tech-savvy customers who value innovation and superior performance. With U-Prox, your company stays ahead of the curve, setting new standards for security excellence.




U-Prox wireless security alarms redefine simplicity in installation, requiring only a mobile phone app or a laptop with a web browser. This user-friendly approach saves time and resources, making installation a breeze.

With the ability to pre-program the system at your office before delivering it to the onsite location, you're ensuring a smooth and hassle-free installation process. This level of customisation and preparation streamlines the setup, saving time and effort for both you and your clients.

Therefore, your technicians can swiftly deploy these systems, ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction. By offering such straightforward solutions, your security installation company can excel in providing hassle-free services, setting you apart from the competition.

The internet is not required for initial setup, Bluetooth is available for initial configuration (APN, WiFi). Complete configuration and diagnostics with the “U-Prox Installer” app from a smart phone or WEB Browser. No email required for User Code configuration



Introducing the MPX LE by U-Prox: A versatile wireless control hub supporting up to 250 zones and 30 partitions. With 4G, Wi-Fi, and LAN connectivity, it also has a range extender available. Plus, its multiplexer feature seamlessly integrates existing equipment and enables automation with various control modules for enhanced security and convenience


- 250 users. Everyone can have a key fob, a code, a under “duress” code and a mobile app
- Photo verification from wireless U-Prox PIRCam sensors
30 keypads
- 150 automation devices (relay, anti-flood, valves, etc.)
- 30 security groups (partitions)
- 250 zones for wireless detectors
- 8 radio repeaters
- Works autonomous or connects to security company
- Ethenet, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and LTE (4G/2G) communication channels
- Encrypted radio communication – up to 4800 m, two-way communication, 256-bit key
- Stable operation in interference, two simultaneously working radio transmitters with auto-tuning of sensitivity and several radio channels. Has jamming detection
- Easy installation, setup from mobile app, Ethernet and Wi-Fi setup via Bluetooth
- External 12V power supply, easy replacement
- Power backup – up to 24 hours of operation without mains power
GSM/LTE traffic and cost control
- Over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates of hubs and devices
- Development of the device according to the users

and so much more!

- Geolocation, System of geolocation to notify you of arming / disarming reminders

- Complete remote configuration

- Device Temperature Alerts



U-Prox's versatile wireless alarm system offers a cutting-edge solution for comprehensive security needs. With seamless integration of PIR cameras and effortless interfacing with third-party surveillance cameras via RTSP stream, it provides a holistic approach to monitoring and safeguarding your premises.

The system's compatibility with leading brands like Dahua, HikVision, FERN360, UniView, TP-Link, and other major bands ensures flexibility and ease of integration with existing security setups. Whether you're looking to expand your surveillance network or enhance the capabilities of your current system, U-Prox's wireless alarm solution offers the efficiency and reliability you need.

Whether it's for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, U-Prox's wireless alarm system delivers peace of mind and protection, ensuring that your property and assets are always safeguarded.