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Ubiquiti Networks Entry Level Access Control

Ubiquiti UniFi Access is a next generation, state-of-the-art access control system for your business. This subscription free, secure, and scalable door access platform is designed with ease of use and security in mind. This video will cover the UniFi Access Reader Pro, the UniFi Access Reader Lite, the UniFi Access Hub, and the features and capabilities of the UniFi Access Application

Compatible with most Electric Bolts/Strikes and Magnetic Locks, the UniFi Access Starter Kit is easily installed with minimal effort and offers the convenience of the UniFi Access application, which allows you to easily manage users, visitors, schedules, and access policies. 

Paired with our New UniFi Switch Mission Critical, a PoE Switch with an uninterruptible power supply, you can feel confident that your network and security systems will stay up and running, even when your power is not.