RG80 - dormakaba - Roller Door Lock 12-24VDC Monitored

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  • Multi voltage input (12-24VDC)
  • Ingress protection to IP67
  • Built-in heater for colder climates (at 24V)
  • Multiple locking / unlocking attempts
  • Multiple control methods
  • Fail Safe / Fail Secure user selection with a single switch
  • Door position monitoring
  • Bolt locked and Bolt unlocked monitors
  • Tamper Detection monitoring

Technical Data

Lock - RG80 150L x 80W x 70D(mm)
L Strike - RG303A 80L x 80W x 60D(mm)
Door Gap 15mm Maximum
Dynamic Strength 200 Joules
Holding Force 50,000N (5000Kg)
Weather Rating IP67
Cycle Tested 300,000 cycles
Voltage at Lock 12-24VDC +/-15%
Current Usage
Standby 40mA/12VDC, 30mA/24VDC
Maximum 1.0A/12VDC, 30mA/24VDC
Heater On (24VDC only) 2.0A/24VDC
Monitors Switches 24VDC, 025A
Operating Temperature -35oC ~ +70oC
Operating Mode Fail Secure/Fail Secure
Bolt Pin Stainless Steel, ??18mm, 35mm stroke
Lock/Strike Body Aluminium: A383
Bolt Pin Stainless steel: 304
Strike Ring UV Stabilized ABS

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