RVNVR080020A - Risco - 8CH RISCO VUpoint PoE NVR

RVNVR080020A - Risco - 8CH RISCO VUpoint PoE NVR

Risco SKU: RVNVR080020A

$419.00 NZD

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VUpoint NVR is RISCOs superior plug & play recording solution. The VUpoint NVR is fully integrated with RISCO cloud, serving as a complimentary solution to VUpoint live verification solution based on P2P IP cameras. This comprehensive video solution, which provides video verification, live view, recording and playback, is fully integrated with RISCOs Cloud based professional security systems, and it's plug and play P2P functionality requires no special training or knowledge to install and maintain.

This is a unique opportunity for installers and monitoring stations to enjoy state-of-the-art technology and growth potential of video installations, while providing customers with both reliable real time video verification and an unprecedented level of video security and privacy.

  • HD Video verification of events, live video on demand and recording playback from anywhere, anytime via a smartphone app.
  • P2P technology allows a simple Plug & Play installation without router configuration.
  • A selection of indoor and outdoor cameras with PoE or Wi-Fi capability for an effortless installation.
  • Cloud based cutting edge technology for both existing and new RISCO security systems, providing high added value to both installers and customers.
  • Significant potential for increased revenues and dramatic sales growth.


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