Switch-M8eG - Panasonic Giga Ethernet Ethernet Switch with management 8 ports of 10/100/1000BASE-T, SFP extension slot.

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  • (PN28080i-NZ)
  • Giga bit Ethernet Ethernet Switch with management function having 8 ports of 10/100/1000BASE-T
  • SFP extension slot.


More Features

  • Has wire speed layer 2 switching functions.
  • Ports 1 to 8 are auto negotiation-ready 10/100/1000BASE-T ports. Their speed and communication mode can be changed by configuration. Port 9 can be exclusively used as an SFP extension slot.
  • All twisted pair ports support straight/cross cable auto sensing function. Simply connect devices with straight cables, whether it is a terminal or a network device.(This function does not work if the port communication configuration is set at Fixed or Link Aggregation. Ports 1 to 8 are set at MDI-X. (default))
  • Due to the loop detection/shutoff function, a port where loop has occurred can be automatically shut off to prevent loop failures. When a port is shut off and recovered automatically, SNMP trap can be sent to notify the incident to the Moreover, the port with a loop can be identified by loop notification on the LEDs on the main unit and referring the history of loop on the setting screen.
  • Has a loop detection history function, which notifies when a loop occurs with the corresponding LED and enables a network administrator to identify the looped port after the loop is removed.
  • Fanless design solves noise problem or fan failure.
  • Power consumption can be suppressed by switching off the port LEDs (left) via the ECO mode LED functions.
  • The IEEE802.1p compatible QoS function is supported.
  • Has an Internet Mansion function, which ensures security between each door.
  • Has a port grouping function, which groups ports that are allowed to communicate with one another to limit communications between different groups.
  • Equipped with energy efficient Ethernet (EEE) conforming to IEEE802.3az(LPI). When there is no data transmission at link up, the energy-saving state automatically starts so that power consumption can be reduced on each port. Factory default : Disable
  • Embedded power saving mode detects the connection status automatically and saves power consumption to minimum.

Factory default : Disable

  • VLAN function allows free grouping of up to 256 VLANs.
  • 1Q VLAN tagging is supported, and a maximum of 256 VLANs can be registered.
  • The IEEE802.1X compatible user authentication function (EAP-MD5/TLS/PEAP) is supported.
  • Each single port supports IEEE 802.1X, Web, and MAC authentication protocols, eliminating the need for individually setting the ports’ authentication parameters.

Supports ZEQUO assist Plus. Processes from introduction to maintenance can be performed easily.



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