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VC-KON-BT30 - Konftel BT30 USB Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Audio in Conferencing Applications

Konftel SKU: VC-KON-BT30

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KONFTEL BT30 USB Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Audio in Conferencing Applications. Compatible with KONFTEL 70, 800, 55Wx, & EGO. Wireless Range up to 30m. Bluetooth 4.0. USB2.0. Dims: L35.3*W18*H8.20

The Konftel BT30 is a USB 2.0 adapter designed to optimize wireless Bluetooth® connection for wideband audio in Konftel conferencing applications. Compatible with Konftel 70 and Konftel 800. The BT adapter also works with Konftel 55Wx and Konftel Ego, but with a shorter wireless range.


With Konftel OCC Hub

Connecting the Konftel BT30 Bluetooth USB adapter to the Konftel OCC Hub for video meetings brings a host of benefits. Replacing the standard audio USB cable with a wireless alternative expands room placement options for both the speakerphone and hub, delivering an easier installation and overall set-up.


With In-room PC

When using a room-based computer the Konftel BT30 Bluetooth USB adapter ensures no traditional cable is required to connect a speakerphone. This means the audio device and PC can be placed in a wider range of locations for more flexibility and convenience – and smoother set-up. 


Wiring With Or Without The BT30

Connecting a speakerphone to the Konftel OCC hub traditionally requires a USB cable. This can restrict the room position of both devices, with the hub often hidden under a table.

Replacing the cable with Bluetooth connectivity creates extra ways to conceal the hub, perhaps behind a TV screen or elsewhere in the room – freeing up the speakerphone for wider placement too.


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