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Select Prox. Technology: i-Key4 Transmitter – 4 Button with EM Prox Chip

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Product Description

Connects to an access control system – JUST LIKE A PROX / SMART CARD READER !

Just one product and with the touch of a button, the i-Key4 is the smart and simple way to control access to your secure areas such as boom gates, rising barriers, roller shutters and doors. Cutting edge technology allows the i-Key4 to enter multiple facilities with just one key. Use the i-Key4 and your secure access couldn’t be simpler 

Enhanced Flexibility Combine the convenience of long range access control with the simplicity of close range proximity readers with i-Key4 pendants. i-Key4 supports technologies such as HID®, Indala®, EM, Farpointe Data® / Keri Systems® proximity along with iCLASS®, Mifare® and Tecom® / GE® smartcard technologies to work just like a prox / smart card.nnConfigured to work with the i-Key4 RX.n

Various bit structures available with Site/Facility Code and User Numbers
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