DPF20702 - Tycab 10 Pair Twisted 0.22mm Data Cable Shielded Copper - 100, 250 or 500m

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Select Option: 10 Pair Twisted 0.22mm Shielded - 100m

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  • 10 Pair 0.22mm Shielded Cable
  • Data Grade Polypropylene insulated RS422
  • Applications - Data Communication, Balanced Mode, Low Capacitance
  • Available 100m, 250m or 500m drums

10 Pair 7/.2 (0.2 mm sq) 24AWG .T.A.C.W. Polypropylene insulated.
Aluminium Laminate tape screened.PVC sheathed.Data cable.


Conductor: 7 strands of 0.2 mm Tinned Annealed Copper to AS1125 drawn from Class 110A copper to AS1574.
Max. D.C. resistance at 20C : 89 ohms / klm.

Insulation: Coloured Data Grade Polypropylene.
Nominal Diameter: 1.2 mm.
Nom. Wall Thickness: 0.3 mm.

Lay Up: 10 Pairs laid up.
Pair 1. Blue + White/Blue
Pair 2. Orange + White/Orange
Pair 3 Green + White/Green
Pair 4 Brown + White/Brown
Pair 5 Grey + White/Grey
Pair 6 Blue + Red/Blue
Pair 7 Orange + Red/Orange
Pair 8 Green + Red/Green
Pair 9 Brown + Red/Tan
Pair 10 Grey + Red/Grey

Screen: Aluminium / Polyester Laminate tape in constant contact with a 7/.2 TACW drain wire.

Sheath: Coloured 4V75 PVC to AS3808.
Nominal Diameter: 9.3 mm.
Nom. Wall Thickness: 0.76 mm.

Typical Capacitance: 55 pF/m

Identification: At nominally 1M spacings printed on sheath: “TYCAB AUSTRALIA MULTIPAIR DATA DPF20702 CCL A93/CA/0111”

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