ES8200 - Trimec Technilock Custodial Lock

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  • SIDE LOAD - PRE LOAD CAPABLE Bolt will release with up to 70kg of side pressure - ideal for use on doors with seals or doors that are subjected to high wind load or air-conditioning pressures.
  • EXTREME HOLDING FORCE Will withstand more than 2500kgs. The test rig manufactured to test the bolt broke at 2500kg so the bolt will withstand more than this.
  • POWER TO LOCK OR POWER TO OPEN (must be specified) PTL or PTO versions available on request. The bolt is not interchangeable in the field and configuration must be specified when ordering.
  • HIGH SPEED OPERATION Locks in less than 1 second.
  • MULTIPLE ORIENTATION Can be mounted Horizontally or Vertically.
  • COMPREHENSIVE MONITORING Bolt Locked, Door Closed, Optional Key-Override monitoring.

Originally designed and manufactured in Switzerland by an ASSA ABLOY Group company the TECHNILOCK has been sold in Europe for over 10 years now. Capable of opening under 70kg of preload and with a total holding force of over 2500kg this lock has been used in Custodial, Treasury, Jewellery and Psychiatric applications all across Europe.

In short this product provides a lower cost alternative to the MT112 custodial strike which requires the additional cost of a mortice lock.

The TECHNILOCK in contrast is an all-encompassing solution as it has built-in key-override removing the need for an additional lock thus providing a lower cost alternative to the MT112 for custodial and other High Security applications.



  • 3 wire control - 24 Volt DC regulated supply only
  • Start Current 4.5 Amp (24vdc) for 1/2 second.
  • Holding Current 500mA (24vdc)
  • Power to Lock or Power to Open must be specified. (Bolt cannot be converted on site)


  • Bolt Position 25mA (30vdc) NC
  • Door Position 25mA (30vdc) NC


  • In excess of 2500kg Holding Force
  • Will open with 70kg of Side Pressure (Pre-Load)
  • Dead Bolt throw of 20mm
  • Maximum door gap = 5.5mm
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