FSHFEW3000 - FSH Magnetic Cabinet Lock

FSHFEW3000 - FSH Magnetic Cabinet Lock



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Working temperature -10 to +50C
Full monitoring DSS/LSS
Early warning feature
5 year warranty
Low power consumption
Power OFF to Release Door

The FEW3000 early warning alarm lock is purposely designed to provide security to all types of drug cabinets, refrigerators, lockers, show cases, containers and the like where not only locking but also monitoring of both the locking device (LSS) power on / power off, and door position (DSS), door opened or closed, is of concern.

The EW3000 is also provided with the unique feature of Early Warning", in the event that unauthorised attempts are made to open the door the locking device triggers a changeover relay signalling unauthorised attempted entry.

The lock has a holding force of up to 40kg and accepts 12VDC with a current of 0.3amps and has a working temperature of minus 10C to plus 50C


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