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FSHFSS1-S-NC - FSH - Surface Mount High Security Door Monitoring Sensor


Available to order. Please call to prearrange pick-ups.

The FSS1 Series of High Security Door Monitoring Sensor are designed to provide a true high security solution for door position monitoring.

It is a state-of-the-art monitoring solution with a flush mount version for new construction, and surface mount version as a superior replacement for traditional magnetic balanced reed sensors.

Specifically developed for high security applications in government and military installations, the FSS1 Series High Security Door Monitoring Sensor consist of seven magnetic sensors that are used to detect a unique magnetic footprint from an array of magnets on the magnetic face plate. One sensor is used to detect the position of the magnetic face plate in relation to the device, while the other six sensors are used to determine the polarity, size, strength and position of the magnets on the unique magnetic face plate in relation to the memorised pattern. The FSS1 is equipped with sophisticated anti-tamper facilities.

The product is listed in the Security Equipment Evaluated Product List (SEEPL)


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