FUTURA SERIES - BPT - Video Intercom Monitor


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  • Adjust/exclude ringtone, with alert LED when set to exclude mode
  • Display saturation and brightness adjustment
  • Self-inserting video of entry panels with cyclic selection
  • Master/Slave function and video bouncing among receivers during simultaneous calls
  • Key block for cleaning function
  • Picture Capture function for storing images
  • User interface with phonebook and AUX list

FUTURA Series Intercom Monitor

Want to capture every detail when the doorbell rings? Choose Futura. Thanks to its 7" display, graphical interface and "soft touch" navigation keys, this indoor receiver revolutionizes the way to manage video intercom systems. Available in 2 colors, black and white, and 3 models, ranging from the simplest X1 to the more advanced IP. It is suitable for any residential or business setting. Among the many functions, you also get auxiliary controls, the "Panic" button and intercom calls. The IP version stands out for its live video displaying from the IP cameras, audio/video message recording by the answering service and receiving text messages from the porter.

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