HW55-453 - 360 Degree Mini Presence Detector with Dimming Control. IP40 Detector

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  • Multi-function

    - On/Off

    - 1 to 10V dimming

    - Time adjustment

    - Light sensing

  • Cutout diameter: 33mm

  • ABS construction

  • Programmed by remote control (55-211 optional remote accessory)

360 Degree Mini Presence Detector with Dimming Control. IP40 Detector, IP20 Power Box. 8m Diameter Detection Range at 2.5m High. Cutout diameter: 33mm. Time Adjustment. White Colour.



Sensor Type

High Frequency 5.8GHz

Detection Range

8m Diameter at 2.5m High

Detection Angle

360˚ Fixed

Time on Adjustment

10 sec to 30 mins

Lux Setting (Lux)

10 to 2000


Incandescent Lamp: max. 2000W

AC Halogen Lamp: max. 1000W

LV Halogen Lamp: max. 1000VA/600W (traditional)

max. 1000VA/900W (electronic)

Fluorescent Lamp: max. 1000VA/600W (uncompensated)

Electronic Ballast: max. 100mA (50 Pieces)

Power Consumption


Operating Temperature

0˚C to +45˚C

Environmental Protection

IP40 Detector, IP20 Power Box



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