RP512G400AU - Risco - Multi Socket 4G Module + Antenna

Risco SKU: RP512G400AU

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The 4G Communication Module is a plug-in module, enabling RISCO Control Panels to communicate via 4G/3G/2G networks for reporting, control and remote programming. It can be used as the primary communication or as backup for the IP and Wi-Fi communication module. The module supports the SIA/IP, SIA and Contact ID reporting formats. The 4G Communication Module is compatible with LightSYS, ProSYS Plus, Agility and is supplied with an antenna. A 3-meter antenna extension can be ordered separately. The 4G Communication Module is also compatible with the COB (Cellular on Bus). With the COB, the 4G Communication Module can be installed along the system bus of a LightSYS or ProSYS Plus alarm system and thus, be placed up to 300 meters away from the control panel. The Multi-Socket 4G Communication Module supports parallel notification and reporting of events to RISCO Cloud, Monitoring Stations and Follow Me destinations (via email and/or SMS). Voice reports can be executed only if the fallback option to 2G or 3G is supported by the network provider. The 4G Communication Module also supports remote access to the panel using CS for configuration and diagnostics.

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