RWX332KF400A - Risco - Panda 2 Way 4-Button Wireless Rolling Code Keyfob 433MHz

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  • 4-Button Wireless Rolling Code Keyfob 433MHz
  • 2 Way control- improves signal reliability, reduces battery draw, and allows for remote supervision of fob from panel
  • Each button can represent a separate channel & can be programmed to control any zone input response
  • Has the ability to activate different outputs from any button in order to operate home appliances
  • Can also program a button to send a panic alarm
  • Compatible with Agility 4 (Firmware 5.14 and above) and Lightsys (Firmware 5.9 and above)

Panda 2-Way Keyfob

The new Panda 2-Way Keyfob is RISCO Group latest, wireless keyfob, with a contemporary, compact and streamlined design. This keyfob is particularly easy to configure and operate and is compatible with all RISCO Group hybrid and wireless intrusion systems.

Panda 2-Way wireless Keyfob indicates an acknowledgement status from the panel upon each command via the LED.

Panda Keyfob 2w


  • 4 programmable channels
  • Pocket size for keyring or pendant mounting
  • Low battery and transmission LED indication
  • Compatible with RISCO systems: Agility 3/4 WisDom, ProSYS, LightSYS, Nova
  • Model name: RWX332KF400A

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency: 433.92 MHz, 10mWatt
  • Operates up to: 650 feet (200m) range (LOS)
  • Battery Type: CR2430, 3V lithium, 280 mA
  • Typical Battery life: 4 years
  • Current consumption: 4 ?¬A, standby, max 30mA
  • Temperature range: -10-55C
  • Weight: 20g
  • Dimensions: 41 x 41 x 17 mm
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