SRL32029 - Schlage Digital Mechanical Lock

SRL32029 - Schlage Digital Mechanical Lock

Schlage SKU: SRL32029

$149.00 NZD

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The Schlage Digital Mechanical lock is a push-button lock that comes complete with an optional hold-open function. A simple mechanical push-button digital solution for applications where simplicity and convenience of use are paramount. Ideally suited to areas that require restricted but convenient access, such as offices, workshops and storerooms. For internal use only.

With a snib on the backplate, the lock allows users the choice of hold open or not.

  • 14 digit keypad offers 8000 codes of 4 to 7 digits
  • Single PIN code can be set up to allow users access using the same code
  • Suitable for light-duty and internal use only 
  • The spindle can be cut on-site to suit doors between 32mm and 50mm thick


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