XTS 7" White WIFI Monitor - BPT - Video Intercom

XTS 7" White WIFI Monitor - BPT - Video Intercom


$899.00 NZD

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  • Full-duplex speaker audio
  • 7" TFT display Full touch-screen with Optical Bonding anti-glare technology for enhanced readability in brightly lit settings.
  • RJ45 port for directly connecting to the Ethernet
  • On-board WiFi for remotely controlling calls
  • Local or PoE (Powered over Ethernet) power supply
  • Customizable user interface with UI Creator software
  • Up to 19 mobile devices for managing the system from any remote location
  • Configurable quick controls (default main entrance door-opener)
  • List of AUX commands for activating auxiliary functions
  • "Panic" function for emergency calls to the porter (if present on the system)
  • Exclude ringtone key (the alert LED lights up when silenced)
  • Self-inserting video of entry panels with cyclic selection
  • Unlimited intercom calls to other receivers and mobile devices
  • Contacts list and favorites list
  • Video answering service, stores up to 100, 10-second audio and video messages.
  • Audio and video recording during conversations
  • Send and receive text messages to and from the porter or other monitor extensions
  • Live feeds of the connected IP video cameras
  • Automatic opening function during business hours
  • Standard SIP protocol, codec video H.264, codec audio G711
  • On-board web server for configuring and managing via the browser

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